Andra Sparks - The Shoefactory

We moved to the Shoefactory in 2001, having seen it first on a website for unusual buildings... it certainly was! The owner, Carl Alban, had cleared the building and fitted out two floors as living areas. He became our project manager and trusted friend, together we gradually designed the building to suit our requirements.

Recording studio

We all mucked in and did the work ourselves - with the occasional help of some lovely skilled professionals, who were greatly intrigued by what was going on. It is a very special place.

The building now houses; us, our teaching, regular jazz workshops, recording studio - and various music projects.

The large studio has incredible space and wonderful acoustics. It contains a Weber grand piano - one of several varieties in the building!

The room possesses a very tranquil atmosphere and sense of history with the American pine beams overhead and the heating pipes that are the remaining sign of its industrial past.

Recording studios in Northamptonshire

The north-facing roof window lights are typical of the factory architecture in Northampton. This makes it an ususual and comfortable studio area with so much daylight in evidence. Incredible to think of that serene space once having been filled with thundering machines and smelling of oil, metal and leather...
There are no echoes of that now.

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