Andra Sparks Quintet. RAFA Club 21 March 2008



An absolute knockout was Nick Weldon's inspired replacement lyrics to the most male chauvinist lyrics ever penned "Girl Talk", for this evening called "Man Talk". Absolutely brilliant and very funny.

All of the musicians showed why they are so revered in the jazz world, absolute artistry. Nick's sensitive and then stomping piano, often in the same tune. Jeff's superb pulse, choice of notes and swing and Trevor's subtle but driving drums (as a sort of drummer myself, I wanted to go home and burn my kit after this display of percussion mastery). Art Themen was just Art, identifiable within two bars and always the "sound of surprise".

Finally how about Andra Sparks. Firstly she has a great instrument (voice) plus her phrasing was immaculate and she sang perfectly in tune. She made the lyrics come alive, she was both affecting and emotional.

In addition, she was an effective, warm leader. She kept us informed about what she was going to be singing in a friendly conversational way and the audience really warmed to her approach.

All in all a knockout evening of inventive and satisfying music.

Thanks guys.

Don Emanuel

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